Monday, 16 January 2012

Happy (Belated) New Year everybody...

This blog post is going to be slightly longer than my usual brief post and a picture, I wanted to share some exciting news and that's that I am now a fully fledged illustrator on the wonderful Bright Agency's books, yay! They are a lovely agent to work for and so far have given me some really useful advice.
 I am currently working on some new cards for a show at the NEC, so am busy busy, and am awaiting info on two current projects I've been 'trying out' for... so stay posted.

A while ago I posted the Pencil of this Fairy illustration, and thought I would show you it part coloured up, it's getting there and will be a lovely piece for my portfolio, I hope you enjoy...

-Fairy Illustration in progress- 

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  1. I love your work Jessica, it is absolutely GORGEOUS! Beautiful illustration x