Monday, 28 March 2011

Snowy Griffin and girl

Hello hello on this wondrously sunny spring afternoon! I have been busy getting this last picture ready for the folks at Advocate to take to Bologne today,  I think it came out o.k! Well I like it anyway, I think I prefer the cropped version which I have messed about with the hues, I think it looks a bit softer with a bit more  yellow in it, anywho, here are both versions... make up your own mind! Right I best get going, I have a book to design, eek! 
Over and out XxX

-Snowy griffin crop-

-Snowy Griffin- (whole-illustration)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Life aquatic

Hello! this post is my latest illustration, I had real fun doing it, apart from the slight queasiness I got from looking at too many reference pictures of warty toads, I had to start renaming photoshop layers from 'left hand toad warts' to 'left hand toad spots', as it was all getting a bit grim! Anywho, I hope you enjoy it.... Much Love! Jessica

-Thumbelina with toads (and trout)-

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Something old, something new

Bonjour! I have finished colouring up my last post and I hope you like it.. I also thought I would post two other illustrations which aren't so new but thought they would be worth sharing; anywho.. yer tiz' (as the forest folk around here would say)

-Thumbelina in the Burrow- 

-Website opening page idea-

-BIG hug card-

Was feeling in need of a hug so came up with this!
Drawn whilst I was on the train to Hereford to visit 
my boyfriend, I was living in London at the time.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Going underground

Hello peeps, Since my last post I have been busy sketching away on this underground scene, it's again, roughly based on Thumbelina. I'm about to colour it up but thought I'd show it to you in it's raw form first,  kinda like the before and after, I hope you like it!!!! xxx

-Thumbelina in the burrow-
(with Red Breasted Flycatcher)